Friday, 27 May 2011

i am certified

yep, I am now certified to teach copic classes. had a whale of a time today with a great set of ladies. And as soon as I wake up i will take a photo of my certificate. Wendy who took the course is so lovely, made us feel really welcome and was a mine of information. So thank you Wendy, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. If anyone would like to join one of my classes in North Wales for an introduction to copics and how to use them please email me at


  1. Hi Chris!
    Fab to meet you today - sorry you had such a trial getting home though!
    At least you had a warm welcome from the dogs! LOL!
    Kate's threatening to come over to visit - shall I let you know when? What days are better for you?

  2. most days are OK, Mondays can be a bit iffy tho. Just let me know and I'll see what i can do. Yeh the dogs gave me a real warm welcome!!! love Chris xxxx

  3. Hi Chris, so pleased you found me as I struggled to find you, but pleased I now have :)

    it may be some time before I can visit but in the mean time I look forward to following your work on your blog

    was great to meet you had a fab time and hope you do not catch my cold

    Kate xx

  4. thanks Kate, so far so good no sniffles lol. my followers seem to have disappeared, must be blogger at it!!! love chris xx